How Do We Support Fathers in the New Changing Workplace?

When we first experienced lockdowns due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we saw a significant shift in who performed “domestic labour” tasks within families such as household-related chores (e.g. cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc…) and childcare. Traditionally, women spend much more time performing these tasks than men. Although, during lockdowns, we saw a significant increase in […]

Top 5 Things to Improve Candidate Experience

“Candidate experience” is a widely known term within the recruiting industry. It refers to how candidates perceive and interact with the recruitment and hiring process – interaction with a career site, job application method, screening methods, interviewing, and any other touchpoint a candidate may have with the hiring organization. There are many activities that take […]

Hire People For Their Mindset, Not Their Pedigrees

There’s been a longstanding debate about how we should be hiring people, specifically, what we should anchor our hiring decisions too? Is it the quality of their work experience? The amount of experience? The amount and type of degree? Past employers with name recognition (e.g. Google)? You can talk to any recruiter, hiring manager or […]

How Covid-19 Challenged and Changed HR

It’s undeniable, the Covid-19 pandemic changed every aspect of day-to-day life, including the world of work. While employees are heavily impacted, HR teams are tasked with the lion’s share of challenges in almost every aspect of their job. From every trial, however, comes opportunity. Let’s dive into just how Covid-19 changed HR, the challenges that […]

How to Recruit Top Gen-Z Talent

With millennials safely established in the workforce, the next generation to move in is Gen-Z. For any hiring strategy, knowing what drives new top talent is a must if you’re going to both attract and retain them. Today, the hiring market is competitive, so you’ll have to give Gen-Z talent a reason to choose your […]

How Team Culture Can Affect Employee Engagement

The terms “workplace culture” and “employee engagement” have gained immense popularity during the past decade as key business drivers at top organizations. At the core of this complicated formula is that it’s all about the experience. How a customer interacts with a brand will influence their decision-making to buy or not to buy. Throw in […]

What is HR Tech and How Can it Help Scale a Business?

We have seen the proliferation and emergence of HR technology during the past decade. In fact, you could argue that the HR tech space is extremely saturated – there’s a solution for everything, for every type of organization, and in every industry. We are way past the point of needing to build a solid business […]