Building Up Leadership Teams—Technology, Experience & Sticky Adoption

The struggle is real. We are operating in a business climate that is evolving at a torrid pace, notably in our organizations—digitization of everything, artificial intelligence and automation, the literal destruction of the traditional workplace from commuting to one physical location to working from anywhere in the world, and more. While the Baby Boomers continue […]

The Evolution of ScaleHR

Thinking. Contemplating. Reflecting. Brainstorming. Experimenting. Trying. Procrastinating. Doing. Risk-taking. Thinking some more. These are the immediate thoughts that come to mind when I think about the evolution of my company, ScaleHR. As the popular saying by Yoann Bourgeois goes, “Success is not a straight line upwards, it’s a journey with many falls, and the strength […]

A Strategic Use Case for Workforce Planning

We recently published a blog post titled, “Workforce Planning is Much MUCH More than Budgeting”. It generated a lot of buzz and many excellent questions. In particular, one question that was asked several times was, “Can you provide a real example of how HR can be more data-centric in workforce planning”? Excellent question.  It needs […]

Workforce Planning is Much MUCH More than Just Budgeting

The term, “workforce planning” has been around for a long time. The majority of HR leaders and practitioners have experienced some form of workforce planning during their careers, but there still appears to be significant inconsistency in its application. To many, its definition is simply, “budgeting headcount for the future; people and money”. While that […]

How Quiet Quitting is Simply Employee Disengagement

The term “quiet quitting” has generated a ton of interest since career coach Brian Creely coined the term in a Tik Tok video on March 4, 2022. Googling the phrase, “What is quiet quitting?” resulted in almost 2 million search results, which is beyond belief. There are many definitions for quiet quitting, such as: Doing […]

How to Improve Employee Engagement in Hybrid Work

Many HR leaders are constantly grappling with how to boost employee engagement in a hybrid work environment. It’s a clear verdict that hybrid work is here to stay into the unforeseeable future. While the tough parts of the global COVID-19 health pandemic are behind us (e.g. lockdowns, health passports, severe travel restrictions, etc…) many of […]

How to Go About Building Your HR Tech Stack

HR is hard and they’re really REALLY busy. They were pushed into the spotlight when the global health pandemic hit our shores in March 2020 and they’ve been running a million miles an hour since. If you work in HR for a tech SMB you’ll agree that doing more with less in a lean and […]

Realistic Trends in HR Technology for 2023

It’s no secret that the world of work has changed significantly during the past 3+ years. Companies have embraced remote and hybrid workplaces, which has resulted in changing organizational priorities and needs. The core challenge of attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent has not changed, but the strategies and tactics have.  Teams are geographically dispersed […]

Human Resources Strategy For Maximum Impact

There are many ways to build an HR strategy — different frameworks and models and each have unique benefits and drawbacks. Because we work with growing tech SMBs we focus on straightforward, business-focused and easy-to-understand methods and practices. As a result, the “Standard Causal Model of HRM” is our preferred approach when building an HR […]

HR Vendors Helping to Scale HR at SMBs

SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) move through several stages during the early days of their journey. At some point when a startup launches a product, it hopefully, begins to obtain customers and generate revenue. They may get a small round of funding from an angel investor and/or friends and family, which helps them immensely. The […]