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ChatGPT is Changing the Recruiting Game

Another blog post about ChatGPT and how you can leverage it in recruiting. There is certainly a lot of content out there about ChatGPT and how it can change and improve how we recruit and hire. Here’s the low down on all of it and how you can get started with ChatGPT or any other similar software. 

What is ChatGPT? 

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT’s creators, it’s an AI-based chatbot that has been trained to generate human-like text. GPT stands for “generative pre-trained transformer,” which sounds like the Transformers, which all of you Gen Xers would recognize. Remember those giant alien Autobots, robots capable of transforming into vehicles and other objects? It’s not quite the same, but modern-day AI-based chatbots are changing the way we do everything in business. 

Back to ChatGPT. The bot uses deep learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and generate text that is coherent and contextually relevant. You can ask the bot to do pretty much anything, and relating to recruiting, some really cool stuff. Not only can it perform smart tasks, but it does them at lightning speed, extraordinarily faster than any human can.

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How can ChatGPT be used in recruiting? 

The correct answer to this question is, “Pretty much everything.” AI can be used in every single recruiting-related activity, but we’re going to focus on five specific areas. They all connect to improving the following key things. 

  1. Enhancing the candidate experience
  2. Enhancing Recruiter productivity and efficiency
  3. Hiring better—making smarter hiring decisions

Let’s get into the key areas that ChatGPT can be used in recruiting. 

  1. Boost your sourcing game—you can leverage ChatGPT to create boolean search strings, research competitive companies, and generate high-quality outreach emails and messages. 
  2. Better understand specific job requirements—recruiting in the tech industry is not easy. Aside from the highly competitive talent marketplace, it’s really hard for recruiters to obtain a full and complete understanding of the jobs they’re hiring for. Have you ever recruited a Quantum Computing Scientist, AI Ethics Officer, or Machine Learning Engineer? Perhaps you have, but do you know what these jobs do in detail? Sure, you can go to Google and spend time reading through pages of content to gain a better understanding. Or, you can go to ChatGPT and get the information you need in seconds. 
  3. Enhance your personal organization—you can automate and streamline many aspects of your recruitment process, such as initial candidate screening, interview scheduling, creating job descriptions and postings, handling routing applicant questions and inquiries, integration with your ATS for maximum search capabilities, alerting recruiters based on programmed triggers (e.g. alerts when a candidate passes a certain point in the hiring process), and more. 
  4. Skills assessment—the traditional method of screening resumes is pretty much dead, and we would even venture to say the same for interviews. Now, with ChatGPT, you can input pre-defined questions and compare them to qualifications, skills, and experience of applicants. This enhanced practice will prevent significant human error and bias from traditional screening methods. You can also use ChatGPT to create custom questions to use during interviews, conversations, and interactions and then evaluate and assess candidate responses to desired criteria. These simple changes will turbocharge your candidate assessment practices and hiring outcomes. 
  5. Scalability—just think of the many benefits relating to productivity, efficiency and performance that you can generate from using ChatGPT. The biggest resource we have is time, and you can save a huge amount of time by intelligently using ChatGPT in recruiting. It can handle a large volume of inquiries simultaneously and infinitely more efficiently than any human. Do more work more quickly, achieve better performance and, ultimately, save money and resources. 

Now, many of you are probably thinking, “Not another piece of technology—how can I get started without feeling overwhelmed?” This is a logical question that boils down to the art of change management. Below are a couple of quick tips to help you get started with ChatGPT, avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and leverage the many benefits ChatGPT has to offer. 

  1. Educate yourself—read this blog post and continue reading others. Not knowing something is the main reason for the overwhelming feeling. It starts with education. 
  2. Start small—forget about recruiting; go to https://chat.openai.com/ and give it a try. It’s free to start using, and no question or inquiry is a bad one. Try it. 
  3. Lean on your network—seek out assistance from your network. There are many who are extremely knowledgeable about ChatGPT and willing to help and advise. 
  4. Change your mindset—the reality is that AI is the future, and the future is now. Many of your peers in the recruitment space are leveraging ChatGPT in everything they do and are realizing huge gains from it. Like anything else in life, if you avoid the necessary changes, you will be left behind. 

AI is changing the recruiting landscape faster than you can blink an eye. The huge benefits that recruiters are realizing from leveraging tools like ChatGPT are changing the game. For those old enough to remember when email first made its way into mainstream workflows, you may remember how daunting the feeling was when we were being forced to change how we work. Adopting AI, specifically ChatGPT, is similar, yet the importance of doing this is significantly higher. We simply cannot afford to do nothing and avoid AI. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s awesome.

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