ScaleHR believes in adding value and giving back to the community. It’s what we do and what the founder, Jeff Waldman, has been doing for more than 20 years. We are also highly creative, and what most would consider impossible, is viewed as an opportunity, and possible. ScaleHR is proud to be partnering with many different organizations to launch and lead initiatives that aim to connect business leaders, the HR/Recruitment industry, technology, philanthropy, and socially responsible organizations. Please have a look at the different collaboratives that ScaleHR is involved with, and if you’re interested in participating or supporting, please let us know.

Adding Value to the Community


In partnership with Ample Labs, this “skills based volunteering” collaborative enables tech employees to volunteer on initiatives that support Ample Labs’ mission of building tech products for the homeless. Boost your employee engagement, employer brand, and employee productivity. View details here.


HR Leaders Collective

The HR Leaders Collective is a quarterly “hackathon” led by ScaleHR and Ample Labs that brings together 30 creative HR leaders to collaborate, ideate, and strategize on solutions to the key challenges facing HR today. The end product is a curated ebook that will be shared with the broader HR community — adding value, giving back, and sharing expertise.

Let’s make something happen.