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Episode 1: Unmuted Podcast with Angie Verros – Sourcing with a Purpose

The brand new “Unmuted” podcast brought to you by ScaleHR Founder, Jeff Waldman, where we dive into all things HR and Talent with leaders, practitioners, HR tech vendors and thought-leaders from across the globe. Unmuted covers topics that touch all aspects of the employee experience lifecycle from talent attraction to engagement to retention. Truly interesting conversations will be had with our guests with the goal of our listeners learning something new and getting inspired to go back to their organizations to do great things. Podcast episodes are published on a weekly basis and you will be able to view them on the ScaleHR YouTube channel and “soon to be” launched webpage on the ScaleHR website.

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This episode is all about “Sourcing with a Purpose” with renowned sourcing and recruiting expert, Angie Verros. Sourcing with a purpose is all about how to win the sourcing war to find top talent. Sourcing is one of many recruiting channels that recruiters have at their disposal, and with our extremely competitive global talent landscape, has quickly become one of the most effective tools.

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Learn how to implement wellbeing into your total rewards with our free guide.
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