Rethinking Disabilities Toronto 2024

The Untapped Talent Pool: Unlocking the Power of a Disability-Inclusive Workplace

Organizations strive to attract and recruit top talent from diverse backgrounds, yet people with disabilities remain an often overlooked group. With over 1.3 billion people globally and 6.2 million in Canada living with disabilities, HR leaders, talent leaders, and practitioners must rethink their approaches to hiring, engaging and retaining this invaluable workforce segment.

Hosted by ScaleHR, the Rethinking Disabilities Toronto 2024 conference aims to address these challenges head-on, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion for people with disabilities in the workplace. This event will be a platform for meaningful change, featuring sessions led by speakers who have disabilities themselves. These experts who work in HR-related positions will offer first-hand insights and actionable strategies for attracting and recruiting talent with disabilities, and ultimately, ensuring their inclusion and success within the workplace

Attendees will benefit from inspiring “hands-on learning” experiences designed to provide tangible solutions they can implement in their own organizations. By participating, you’ll not only gain valuable knowledge on the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities but also support a charitable organization dedicated to helping them thrive.

Join us at Rethinking Disabilities 2024 Toronto and be a part of creating more inclusive workplaces together!

For those interested in expressing interest in speaking and leading a session please click HERE. It will only take a couple of minutes. 

For those interested in sponsoring this event, please reach out directly to Jeff Waldman at

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Event Details
Event Details

Calling for Nominations!

We are looking to shine a huge light on the top HR leaders who lead HR at Canadian tech SMBs. What’s an SMB? An SMB employs fewer than 500 employees. The only other condition is that your nomination leads the HR function. If you have any questions please email us at We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire.