Jeff Waldman


Jeff is an HR leader who has built his unique and diverse 20+ year career by pushing boundaries, taking risks, challenging the status quo and taking a business-minded approach.

Many people I have worked with have described me as unique. I think what they’ve been trying to say is that I’ve always taken pride in doing things a little differently. Maybe it’s because of the severe hearing disability that I was born with, which forced me to adapt, persevere, be creative, show courage, keep pushing forward, and focus on what can be done versus what can’t be done. 


I love HR. I love how people, business, and technology intersect. There are no silver bullets in HR. There are no blueprints. There are no foolproof formulas. Each organization is unique by virtue of its collective group of employees and the markets they serve. My deep interest has pushed me to do some really cool things like founding SocialHRCamp, advising countless HR and Recruitment tech companies on their products, speaking at major HR and Recruitment conferences throughout North America, contributing to countless blogs, including my own, and giving back to local communities. 


During “normal” times, I can be found spending my time shredding it on my snowboard, playing and watching basketball and hockey, raising my three awesome boys, and watching Jersey Shore with my awesome wife. 

Achieving Success

As an HR and Recruitment tech evangelist and expert, Jeff has helped dozens of organizations grow, scale and achieve extraordinary success. Organizations include Afterpay, StickerYou, Security Compass, SiriusXM Canada, Universal Music Canada, Plooto, and many more. Jeff has always operated by the notion that while business strategy is important, it’s nothing more than a piece of paper unless your employees bring it to life.



Learn More

Jeff also founded SocialHRCamp, an experiential and hands-on learning event for HR Practitioners to learn how to leverage social media, emerging HR and Recruitment technologies, and cutting-edge HR strategies for the modern workplace. He has also delivered over 100 thought-provoking and engaging talks, presentations, and workshops at conferences and events throughout North America.