Initiatives & projects

A core part of what we do and who we are is giving back to the HR community. We are really proud to be partnering with many different organizations to launch, lead, and participate in-person and virtual initiatives that aim to connect business leaders, the HR community, technology, philanthropy, and socially responsible organizations.

What are you interested in ?


An in-person and virtual experiential learning event that connects HR leaders, the HR tech ecosystem, and thought leaders on all current and top-of-mind topics facing HR.

“The energy at the inaugural SocialHRCamp in Edmonton was infectious… and as a result the crowd was energized and ready to tackle some of HR’s most interesting challenges “

HR Leaders Collective

Structured as a think-tank, this initiative brings together a group of HR leaders in North America to ideate and strategize on how to solve the most pressing challenges facing the industry. The output is an ebook that will be shared with the broader HR community.

Scale Without Borders

The largest gathering of immigrants in tech in North America. The Summit is a collaboration with the tech and newcomer community that brings together tech leaders, government, corporate leaders, leading employers and high potential tech talent.