What we do

We know we’re a little unique because we serve two distinct, yet very connected, audiences. We work with growing SMBs to scale their HR and People operations and support fast-growing HR and Recruitment tech startups around the world to build better software solutions.

What are you interested in ?

Scaling HR at SMBs

HR Strategy & Operations

Many scaling organizations struggle with figuring out how to design and operationalize their first HR strategy. They don’t know where to start, where to invest resources, and how to optimize their strategy to support their growing business. We partner with founders and leaders, simplifying the complex so that you can feel comfortable that you’re moving in the right direction.

HR Tech Stack

Using the right mix of technology to support your scaling HR operations is extremely important. Using our proprietary and creative process, we will help you identify the right mix of tools to use for your HR and Recruitment needs today, and in the future.

Employer Branding

Taking an inside-out approach, we will help you identify your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), brand pillars, brand channels, and design a brand activation and awareness strategy that will allow you to attract, engage, and retain top talent.


You can never underestimate the importance of leadership to drive business success. We work with leadership teams and HR leaders to build their capabilities now, and into the future. Our innovative training, coaching, and mentoring programs will set you up for success and ensure you scale up and grow successfully.

We work with our clients in many different ways - fractional HR leadership, HR outsourcing, HR team augmentation, projects, and advisory. Agility in how we work with our clients is what works best.

Emerging HR Tech Startups

Technology is the future of HR. Our workforces are geographically dispersed and we rely heavily on technology to be productive and do great work. The global HR tech marketplace is valued at more than $400 billion and organizations are spending more per employee on HR tech than ever before. We believe that both market valuation and organization spending will continue to trend upwards, and while this may seem like great news for vendors, it’s also making it increasingly more difficult to succeed. This is where ScaleHR comes in, to help your growing HR tech startup succeed.

We support emerging HR tech startups with the following:

  • Business development
  • Brand awareness
  • Investment and funding support
  • Business and product advisory

Our Experience

years of experience

ScaleHR has successfully worked with hundreds of HR and Recruitment startup tech companies around the world. We know exactly what a successful HR team platform looks like, how it should operate, the value it provides its customers, and how to sell it. We are also very selective with who we work with. Why? Because we know what customers are looking for and we can easily decipher between the contenders and pretenders.