How HR Can Integrate Well-Being Into Total Rewards Strategy

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Why Do Total Rewards Matter More Than Ever?

(And what can you do to implement them?)

With increased inflation, changing office cultures, and widespread burnout, 2022 has been challenging for remote and in-person businesses.

The three most significant threats to operational success, as reported by top executives, are:

Labour Shortages

Employee Turnover

Extreme Workplace Stress

What if there was a way to protect yourself from all three while improving your employee’s workplace experience? Our HR experts have compiled a few simple things you can do to make your employees feel more valued and increase the longevity of their tenure with your company. After all, the cost of poor employee well-being is massive.

With the right HR, you could work employee well-being into your total reward strategy for better teams, business, and productivity – period.

Employee rewards aren’t just about dollars and cents—it’s about letting staff know they are succeeding in the roles and responsibilities they’re taking on. Learn more in our blog covering The Tech Talent Canada North conference and why total rewards and employee well-being matter more than ever.

It's FINALLY Time to Rethink How We Do Total Rewards

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