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Building High-Performing Leadership Teams through Coaching, Training, and Strategy

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Building Strong Leaders and Upskilling HR Practitioners for Business Growth

Promote and support your business’s growth by building strong leaders and upskilling your HR practitioners through training, coaching, mentorship, and strategic advisory services. By engaging these services within your business, you can optimize costs and increase your revenue while also enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

At ScaleHR, we strive to go beyond traditional consultancy services by bringing the community together and fostering connections within the tech space. Our goal is to work with our clients to create workplace cultures that prioritize growth, productivity, and employee well-being, and helping to achieve sustainable success”.

Guiding Principles

How What We Believe Translates Into How We Work

Ethical Behaviour Above All

Our work is underpinned by a strong moral code, which includes upholding values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect for others, accountability, and leadership. We are driven and guided by this moral code to safeguard our clients' reputations and their employees' contributions, and we are willing to do the hard work to protect what is right.

Business Focused

Everything we do is filtered through a “does it make the business better?” lens. HR is a vital business function for ALL growing organizations.

Always Add Value

We are entrusted to do our best work, and the only acceptable outcome is to add extreme value.

We Are Creatives

We know that HR gets a bad rap sometimes as being risk-averse, slow-moving, and antiquated. We’re the opposite. We are comfortable in taking risks and helping our clients do some really cool stuff.

No Sugarcoating

While we recognize things can sometimes get uncomfortable, we believe in being transparent and direct. We don’t shy away from making hard decisions and having difficult conversations.

Our Team

Our team is a unique blend of creativity and compassion, driven by a deep desire to tackle the most complex challenges that businesses face today.

Jeff Waldman

Founder & Principal

Vanessa Judelman

Leadership Training

Inthida Ngeth

Leadership Coaching

Laura Goodridge

HR Facilitation & Coaching

Our Mission

At ScaleHR, our mission is to empower and enable our clients to build and lead organizations their employees love and everyone else wants to work for.

Our Partners

At ScaleHR, our partners are highly skilled in their respective domains and are always ready to take on your toughest challenges. As your organization scales up, it is crucial to have access to experts who can provide timely solutions and advice. We are committed to being that reliable partner, providing the support and expertise you need to succeed.

our partners

Our Friends Are Blooming

Over the years, we’ve partnered with these fine companies (and more!) to grow their teams, develop fantastic employee experiences, and scale their people practices. You’d be in good company.

What We Do


Leadership Activated

8-module leadership training for SMB


On-Demand Advisory

Expertise at your fingertips when you need it


Thought Leadership

Conference and event keynote, break-out, and workshops


Bespoke Training & Facilitation

Training and
facilitation for growing SMBs

Upskilling HR

Upskilling HR Leaders & Practitioners

Virtual and in-person HR training, workshops and coaching

Upskilling HR

HR Leaders Advisory

Expertise at your fingertips when you need it

Upskilling HR


Conference and event keynote, break-out, and workshops

Upskilling HR

Bespoke Training & Facilitation

Training and
facilitation for growing SMBs

always a good talk

Unmuted Podcast

“Unmuted,” an engaging and unscripted podcast from ScaleHR Founder Jeff Waldman, explores all things HR and talent with global leaders, practitioners, HR tech vendors, and thought-leaders. Topics range from attracting talent to employee engagement and retention, with insightful conversations aimed at educating and inspiring listeners. Episodes are released weekly on the ScaleHR YouTube channel and the upcoming ScaleHR website page.

Simply click on the image below to watch the episode of your choice. 

Unmuted with Angie Verros: Sourcing With a Purpose

In this episode, Angie Verros, a renowned sourcing and recruiting expert, discusses “Sourcing with a Purpose.”

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We are looking to shine a huge light on the top HR leaders who lead HR at Canadian tech SMBs. What’s an SMB? An SMB employs fewer than 500 employees. The only other condition is that your nomination leads the HR function. If you have any questions please email us at info@goscalehr.com. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire.