SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2023

We are finally back in the beautiful city of Vancouver where SocialHRCamp began in May 2012. While it has been a while since we ran our last SocialHRCamp at BC Tech Association, we will be rocking it out in a brand new venue, BCIT Tech Collider. This new version of SocialHRCamp will provide a phenomenal opportunity for hands-on learning and networking. It’s an understatement that the world of work has drastically changed since the pandemic started in March 2020. We have seen a massive proliferation of technology, more distributed teams across multiple timezones, the traditional idea of “the workplace” being completely turned upside down, and a continued rising trend of employee burnout and declining mental health. HR leaders have been thrown into the limelight to help their organizations navigate and manage all of these major changes. Further, due to our volatile business climate, we have seen many organizations go through downsizing and restructuring, all while the job market is ultra-competitive. These highly complex and interconnected challenges have tested the skills and abilities of HR leaders and teams. SocialHRCamp Vancouver 2023 is all about “how HR/Talent can effectively manage through layoffs and an ultra-competitive job market”.

Session topics will include helping HR navigate our difficult business climate – continuing to protect and nurture a strong employer brand, employee experience, total compensation, recruiting, workplace culture — hybrid structure, leadership, etc…

Event Details
Amanda Nagy
Global Total Rewards and Benefits Manager
Nicolas Texier
Bilingual Senior Account Executive
Noah Warder
VP, People & Culture
Accent Inns
Maisha Cannon
Founder and Chief Learner
The Collab Lab, Inc.™
Logan Gibson
Director of Strategic Accounts
Juniper Belshaw
Facilitator, Consultant and Coach
Juniper Belshaw
Elaine McAnally
Founder + Partner
With Intention Partners
Dan Collins
Talent Acquisition & Talent Management Leader
Alexandra Phizicky
The Phiz | Coaching & Consulting
Jeff Waldman

Leadership is hard. There is a ton of responsibility and pressure, and the hours can be brutal. But one thing we don't often consider is that leadership is hard because, when done well, it's... well, boring. Good leaders don't swan dive into passion projects. They don't unload on their teams about how hard their job is. They don't bring all of themselves to work. Good leaders stay the course. They are routined, consistent, and measured, As we brace ourselves for ongoingly tumultuous economic times, let's explore the platitudes of leadership that, when performed repeatably, over time, create trust, alignment, and efficiency in any company.

This session will cover key opportunities for hiring managers and recruiters alike to create exceptional candidate experiences during a time of job scarcity and an over-saturated talent market. You’ll learn: a) What is candidate experience and why it matters, b) Common mistakes companies make when hiring, c)Quick wins to improve the inclusiveness and accessibility of your recruitment process, d) Tips on how to leverage recruitment tools to find efficiencies and automate repetitive work.

The call for transparency around compensation has never been louder. From candidates to state and provincial governments, the time to start the journey of transparency is now. Join Noah as he takes you on the journey of how Guusto developed its compensation philosophy, educated managers and executives on the importance of transparency, and set the stage for bringing transparent compensation practices to their organization. We all know why transparent compensation is excellent for DEI, bridging the wage gap and creating better employee engagement. Now learn how one company built their program and the mistakes that happened along the way.

Today's ultra-competitive job market demands innovative approaches to finding exceptional talent. Join Maisha as she unveils powerful search techniques to identify high-quality prospects for open roles. Discover hidden talent using no-cost resources and platforms. Find out how to source effectively, gain a competitive edge in the job market, and prospect like a pro.

Layoffs, org change and/or everything in between. How did your organization's vision, mission, values live through it? How do you continue to show up to consumers and customers and still stand out in a crowded job market? Let's walk through these areas from a strategic and people ops lens.

The higher the waves, the deeper our anchor needs to be as leaders. With Canadian burnout rates hovering around 35%, it's clear that as HR professionals and leaders, scented candle self care isn't cutting it--and I have nothing against scented candles! In this session, you will learn how to leverage recovery for high performance, and identify your leadership anchors: the practices that will keep you grounded and aligned through challenging times.

Event Details

Calling for Nominations!

We are looking to shine a huge light on the top HR leaders who lead HR at Canadian tech SMBs. What’s an SMB? An SMB employs fewer than 500 employees. The only other condition is that your nomination leads the HR function. If you have any questions please email us at We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire.