Designing an HR Strategy for the Future of Work

Learn how the Standard Causal Model of HR Management can help you positively contribute to the success of your business through connecting HR to financial performance, business strategy, and internal organizational performance with our handy guide. Download for free today!

You Need an HR Strategy That Provides Flexibility for Your Growing SMB

In the fast-moving world of growing SMBs, you don’t have the time or money to waste on convoluted, complicated HR Strategy models that will bog you down and hinder your growth. Our guide, Designing an HR Strategy for the Future of Work, lays out, in simple terms, a six-step process to developing the strategy that works best for you.

Step One

Conduct a SWOT Analysis

Step Two

Determine Your Overall Business Strategy

Step Three

Design the HR Strategy

Step Four

Identify Projects, Initiatives, and Activities that Support the HR Strategy

Step Five

Identify and Measure Desired HR Outcomes

Step Six

Connect Desired HR Outcomes with Business & Financial KPIs

Why the Standard Casual Model of HR Management is Right for You

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