Designing an HR Strategy for the Future of Work

Learn how the Standard Causal Model of HR Management can help you positively contribute to the success of your business through connecting HR to financial performance, business strategy, and internal organizational performance with our handy guide.

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You Need an HR Strategy That Provides Flexibility for Your Growing SMB

Step One

Conduct a SWOT Analysis

Step Two

Determine Your Overall Business Strategy

Step Three

Design the HR Strategy

Step Four

Identify Projects, Initiatives, and Activities that Support the HR Strategy

Step Five

Identify and Measure Desired HR Outcomes

Step Six

Connect Desired HR Outcomes with Business & Financial KPIs

Why the Standard Casual Model of HR Management is Right for You

Easy to understand

Simple to design

Easy to manage on an ongoing basis

Takes advantage of iteration

Allows for iterations based on unforeseen external factors

Drives positive business outcomes

Still not convinced?

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Calling for Nominations!

We are looking to shine a huge light on the top HR leaders who lead HR at Canadian tech SMBs. What’s an SMB? An SMB employs fewer than 500 employees. The only other condition is that your nomination leads the HR function. If you have any questions please email us at We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short questionnaire.