SocialHRCamp Charleston

We are starting 2024 off with a bang by descending into Charleston, South Carolina, for our first SocialHRCamp of the year. This will also be our first event in Charleston and we’re looking forward to welcoming the Charleston HR Community into the SocialHRCamp family. The date of the event is Thursday, February 22, 2024, from 5-9pm ET. The event theme is, “Unifying HR & HR Tech: A Path to Innovation” and we are excited to partner with Omatic Software as they will be hosting this event in their beautiful space. 

HR technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of work, notably enabling HR teams to deliver huge value to their organizations. This event is all about exploring the dynamic synergy between HR strategies and practices and cutting-edge HR technology. In an era where innovation is the key to organizational success, SocialHRCamp Charleston will aim to bridge the gap between HR management and the transformative potential of technology.

We are also partnering with Palmetto SHRM on this event, and SHRM and HRCI recertification credits are pending and will be distributed once approved.

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    February 22, 2024 5:00 pm
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    75 Port City Landing, Suite #310, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, 29464
Josh Boor
Aircraft Maintenance Director of Operations (Maintenance Superintendent)
Air Mobility Command
Sybil Stewart
Educator. Advocate. Businesswoman. Consultant
Susan Lamotte
Founder & CEO
Joe Hanna
Managing Partner
Fairlead Partners
Kaity Miller
Chief Operating Officer
Build Carolina
Suzie Rybicki
M&A Strategic Initiatives (People Experience)
Dr. Troy Hall
Dr. Troy Hall, LLC
Valerie Warnock
Director of Employee Relations
Forte Global
Jeff Waldman

Join Dr. Troy for this high-powered, interactive keynote demonstrating the power of infusing cohesion into the work culture and its impact to retain talent. With only 40% of the global workforce actually committed to organizational success, Dr. Troy makes the case that to have the type of commitment leaders want from their employees it takes cohesion, not engagement. Nearly two-thirds of an organization's employees are actively seeking growth, development, and advancement. Companies can no longer afford to settle for mere “employee engagement” based on a hunch, happiness, or satisfaction. When organizations ignore building teams that work cohesively they are adding to the over $7 trillion dollars of lost productivity and creativity as measured on a global scale.

Participants will learn:
1) The 3 strategic elements of a Cohesion Culture™️ and how they impact talent retention.
2) How cohesion is a better predictor of behavior than correlational data.
3) Why leaders should focus on cohesion to keep their talent engaged.

Discuss the myths and tribulation of Total Talent Management and a practical roadmap to achieve its goals. We will cover the technology, process, and organizational trends around the topic. The attendees will leave with a roadmap to TTM that they can start implementing in their organizations.

Understanding the dynamics of different generations requires leadership skills to create an inclusive culture that benefits the entire organization. Learners will dive into each generation's approach to work from a tech usage perspective and the value it adds to organizational efficiency.

Highlighting the value of inter-generational mentorship programs, attendees will be given tips to encouraging cross-generational project teams, and ways to lean into the collective strengths of diverse staff backgrounds. Leaders will understand how the tech-savvy youth can benefit from older employees to drive innovation and productivity.

Attendees will learn strategies to offer continuous learning and development opportunities for employees of all ages that encourage older employees to participate in training programs that enhance their skills and keep them relevant in the evolving workplace, which challenges stereotypes about age and capability.

Plug and play always seems like the right solution until you realize that the cord's too short, the outlet is burnt out, and there's no one there to help. Technology always seems like the easiest answer to all of our problems, yet why does adding to our tech stack often feel like adding more pain, more work, and more time? In this session, you'll eat your frog first. Strategy can feel like the most difficult task, but if you get it done first, it will save you all of the techonology and implementation pain later. Join industry veteran Susan LaMotte for an eye-opening look at how technology may seem like the easiest solution but "eating the strategy frog*" is the only way to really make it work.

*With thanks to Mark Twain

By the end of this session, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and practical strategies to leverage technology effectively in HR talent and succession management, fostering a culture of continuous growth and organizational resilience. Key learning objectives include:

Harnessing Technology for Talent Identification - Discuss strategies to assess competencies, identify high-potential individuals, and create a robust talent pipeline for future leadership roles.

Optimizing Employee Development Through Digital Solutions - Learn how to leverage technology to design personalized learning experiences, facilitate continuous skill development, and align employee growth with organizational objectives for effective talent management.

Data-Driven Decision-Making in Succession Planning - Understand how technology-driven insights can enhance predictive modeling, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth transition in key positions.

Creating a Culture of Talent Mobility - Explore how technology facilitates internal talent mobility, enabling employees to explore new roles and contribute to various functions.

In this interactive session, Kaity guides the group as they take a look at the current state of hiring from an education-first standpoint in hopes of encouraging each attendee to re-evaluate their organization's approaches moving forward.

In this session, the attendees will learn:
1. How degree requirements are hurting your business.
2. The many data-backed perks of removing these requirements.
3. Strategies to improve your hiring process as you remove degree requirements.

Each attendee will be equipped with a "Hiring Audit Worksheet" to assist them in evaluating and making organizational changes.

In today's world, technology is changing the landscape of every business sector. It seams like every day we are presented with a new solution to make work more productive and to increase revenue however, most of us are not even fully utilizing the tools at our disposal. There are several low cost and often sometime free technology solutions out there than when fully unlocked can directly improve communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace. In this presentation I will introduce HR professionals to readily available technologies that will improve the overall alignment of organizational people, processes and information.

First I will introduce some common technologies and platforms as well as explain how to use them to improve collaboration, communication, and transparency. This includes communication apps, collaboration software and information sharing.

Second I will involve the audience and focus on how to make the most of the software already available to them. I will explain how I leveraged existing Microsoft products and free communication applications to improve organizational resiliency, task management, virtual meeting spaces. This has improved transparency and reduced waisted productivity.

Lastly, I will take the learning one step further by encouraging the audience to think outside of the box to improve innovation and the free exchange of ideas in a way that does not require additional cost or added complexity. This includes collaboration spaces, open feedback options, access to information, and collaboration spaces.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    February 22, 2024 5:00 pm
  • Organizer
  • Category
  • Address
    75 Port City Landing, Suite #310, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, 29464

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